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About K.REEN

The name KREEN means 'Little Box of Beauty'. K.REEN products are designed to beautify and perfect a woman's appearance. The letter 'E' opposite the K.REEN logo means a mirror which is one of the important things in supporting your appearance.

Galactomyces Series

This amazing ingredient has been found to effectively brighten and reduce the appearance of dark spots on the skin. Not only does galactomyces work to lighten skin's pigmentation, but it also provides numerous other benefits such as boosting collagen production and improving skin texture.

Mandelic Acid Series

Mandelic acid is the AHA with the largest molecular size. This allows it to penetrate the skin more slowly and work on the outer surface of the skin, so it tends to be gentler and less irritating.

Hair Care

Body mist is a lightly scented spray that is usually used to provide a refreshing and subtle scent to the body. This product falls into the personal care and beauty products category and is a popular choice for those who want a lighter alternative to traditional perfume.

Personal Care

Personal care in the context of beauty refers to the practices and routines that individuals undertake to maintain and improve personal appearance, cleanliness, and overall health.


The use of decorative beauty products allows individuals to express their creativity, personal style and mood. Makeup, in particular, is a powerful tool for self-expression, allowing individuals to experiment with different looks.

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A series of cosmetic products that are processed through extensive research before being marketed to consumers, where the KREEN product series consists of: Skincare, Personal care, Hair care, Decorative and Perfume


KREEN is a cosmetic that is made with a formula/ ingredient that is COMPATIBLE with what is written on each packaging, which of course is hoped that the BENEFITS will be felt by all consumers who use it.